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JOTA 2010 Downloads

Welcome to the JOTA 2010 downloads area. There are various categories of file downloads, such as Scouting, Amateur Radio, and of course, JOTA 2010. Each file includes a short description to help you choose the file(s) you'd like to obtain.


JOTA 2010 Flyer by the Buffalo Trail Council. This is the current flyer with brief information and the registration form. Click here (or right-click and save)

JOTA 2010 Registration Form (by the Buffalo Trail Council). This form is only the registration form, not the flyer portion. It is a smaller download for your convenience. Click here (or right-click and save).

J-Code is the experimental code created to help bridge the language barrier that might be encountered during international contacts. Fun to learn and easy to use, J-Code just might help get that elusive JOTA contact. Available in both English and Spanish here, other languages may be available upon request. Click here for English (or right-click and save). Click here for Spanish (or right-click and save)

Guide to Safe Scouting by the Boy Scouts of America. This is a great reference for helping assure that JOTA is as safe as it is fun. Required reading for Scout leaders, it is also a fabulous reference for Parents and Amateur Radio Operators alike. Click here (or right-click and save)

Amateur Radio

Contest-free Frequencies for JOTA 2010. Click here (or right-click and save)

Call signs of world-wide Scout stations. Click here (or right-click and save)

Amateur Radio Frequency Band Chart. Click here (or right-click and save)

A Scout from the Buffalo Trail Council was surprised to be congratulated by his fellow hams about his JOTA story published in the national ham radio magazine, QST. Click here (or right-click and save)

An Amateur Radio Operator created a convenient reference of Amateur radio information for use during JOTA. It has the Morse Code, the Phonetic Alphabet, Scout Frequencies, How To Make A Contact and much more. This is a popular item to have handy. Click here (or right-click and save)

Do you know your name in Morse Code and the Phonetic Alphabet? Download this form (along with the convenient reference above) and learn more about it. Click here (or right-click and save)


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