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Signaling Merit Badge

This web site area is intended to provide study and practice support for Scouts trying to earn the Signaling Merit Badge, one of the four Heritage Merit Badges brought back to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Scouting in America.

This is information for the local, West Texas Scouting University classes offered for Scouts. Mr. Yee is teaching this class.

Links Mr. Yee recommends for all Signaling Merit Badge students:

Advertising about the Historic Signaling Merit Badge. Click here (or right-click to save)
Signaling MB book from 1940's. Click here (or right-click to save)

Sample Projects:


These are links to web pages on this website for working on the Morse Code requirements.

These are links to web pages on this website for working on the Semaphore (flag) requirements.

Semaphore Alphabet (flags for each letter). Click here to continue.

Semaphore Phrases for fun. Click here to continue.

These are links to external web pages for additional resources that may be helpful.



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